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    Updated: Jun. 17 (16:00)

    Fox Hunt Circle Interface Fire
    South Metro Firefighters IAFF LOCAL 2164
    EMS Open House
    South Metro Firefighters IAFF LOCAL 2164
    2018 TPFFA Primary Election Candidate Endorsements
    Tennessee Professional Fire Fighters Association
    Powers Pl. Structure Fire
    South Metro Firefighters IAFF LOCAL 2164
    Pagosa Way Structure Fire
    South Metro Firefighters IAFF LOCAL 2164
    Fill the Boot - 2018
    IAFF Local 1014
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    Current news directly from Louisiana State IAFF locals.
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    FCSN Health and Wellness Symposium
    05/17/18 - PFFA
    Important 14th District Caucus notice
    05/02/18 - PFFA
    Urgent notice May 2, 2018 2018 IAFF 14th District Caucus June 24 – 27, 2018 Island House Hotel – Doubletree by Hilton Orange Beach, Alabama The 14th District caucus is next month. The Island House Hotel is sold out. There may be rooms available if they have cancellations so you can call and get on waiting list.
    04/30/18 - IAFF Local 632
    We are currently in negotiations with NOFD and City Administration on negotiating a new contract.
    Upcoming Class on PPE
    04/23/18 - PFFA
    2018 Tax Renewal
    04/17/18 - Shreveport Firefighters Association Local-514
    The Shreveport Firefighters Association is asking for your support on the upcoming Tax Renewal.
    Tax Renewal 2018 - 2
    04/16/18 - Shreveport Firefighters Association Local-514
    There is a special election regarding the Ad Valorem Property Tax Renewals April 28th for the City of Shreveport. Several of the propositions directly affect public safety. For more information visit: https://www.shreveportla.
    Baton Rouge Firefighters win Pensacola Firefighter Challenge
    04/15/18 - PFFA
    Congrats to this group of firefighters representing Baton Rouge Firefighters Local 557 and the dept in the Pensacola firefighter challenge this weekend . They won the event , and set the new course record .
    Louisiana Firefighter Appreciation Day
    04/13/18 - PFFA
    EMS Lifecare Membership
    04/09/18 - Shreveport Firefighters Association Local-514
    EMS Lifecare Membership Your membership in EMS LIFECARE covers the uninsured portion of the cost of emergency ambulance services for you, your spouse, any unmarried children under age 25, and any other persons listed as dependents on your income tax return. All persons covered must be living in your household. The $35 covers you and your family for one year of emergency ambulance service.
    Shreveport Firefighters Local-514 MDA Golf Tournament
    03/28/18 - PFFA
    Shreveport Firefighters Local-514 MDA Golf Tournament
    03/28/18 - Shreveport Firefighters Association Local-514
    Shreveport Fire Department EMS "Madness" Symposium
    03/26/18 - Shreveport Firefighters Association Local-514
    Professional Fire Fighters Association of Louisiana Fundraiser
    03/24/18 - PFFA
    Professional Fire Fighters Association of Louisiana Fundraiser
    03/20/18 - PFFA
    Professional Fire Fighters Association of Louisiana Fundraiser
    03/20/18 - Shreveport Firefighters Association Local-514
    2018 PFFA Legislative Seminar
    03/02/18 - PFFA
    Professional Fire Fighters Association of Louisiana Fundraiser
    02/27/18 - Shreveport Firefighters Association Local-514
    Professional Fire Fighters Association of Louisiana Fundraiser
    02/27/18 - PFFA
    The Professional Fire Fighters Association of Louisiana does conduct a telephone fundraiser throughout the year with our own staff. It is critical that our members and folks who stand behind our efforts, make the fundraiser known to family and friends.
    Ruston Firefighters MDA Softball Flyer
    02/21/18 - PFFA
    Shreveport L-514 Work Schedule
    02/19/18 - PFFA
    Earn Your Degree With Kaplan University
    01/14/18 - PFFA
    Dear IAFF Member: A college degree in the fire service can help you advance your career. In fact, several fire departments require a degree in fire science or a related field to be considered for promotion. The IAFF believes all members should have access to quality higher education.
    Great story on L-755 Sec/Treas Joe Foret
    12/20/17 - PFFA
    Camaraderie appealing Foret enjoys career as a firefighter #yiv8414574862 .yiv8414574862tnt-restrict-img-b4818b92-e2f3-11e7-8a45-87963127aa80 { max-width:957px;} Joe Foret poses at a 9/11 memorial stair climb in New Orleans. Foret is a New Iberia firefighter who organizes donation efforts from the NIFD to the community.
    Working with the web site modules
    11/22/17 - IAFF Local 632
    The UnionActive system is made up of individual Modules that can be added, removed, and customized throughout the site.   To view the current Modules, login to the site as an admin and you will now see gray boxes around each individual module. Each module box contains an x button, up and down arrows, the module order number, and the title of the module.
    Set a secure admin password
    11/22/17 - IAFF Local 632
    The first thing to do when you initially login as the administrator is set a secure password for the account. Click the User Settings button from the home page, then scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see a password field. Delete the current password and enter in your own private password.
    The administration area
    11/22/17 - IAFF Local 632
    The Administration Area is the main control panel for the UnionActive system. To access the Administration Area, login to the website as an administrator, and then click the Admin Area button just below the website date. Each link in the Administration Area has a short description about what can be done in that area.
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