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    Updated: Nov. 15 (08:00)

    Fire Fighters Local 311’s response to City of Verona’s “implementation plan” & Notice of filing formal charges with PFC
    IAFF Local 311
    Hess Road MVA with Extrication
    South Metro Firefighters IAFF LOCAL 2086
    1014 Election Bulletin
    IAFF Local 1014
    IAFF Local 1403
    Wake & Funeral Information for Brother Richard Steiner
    Boston Fire Fighters
    IAFF Local 51
  • Earn Your Degree With Kaplan University
    Posted On: Jan 14, 2018

    Dear IAFF Member:

    A college degree in the fire service can help you advance your career. In fact, several fire departments require a degree in fire science or a related field to be considered for promotion.

    The IAFF believes all members should have access to quality higher education. That’s why we continue our partnership with Kaplan University ? a leader in online education ? to ensure you have an opportunity to earn a recognized fire science degree.

    Kaplan University is:


    • Tuition is reduced to $210 per quarter credit for all undergraduate degree programs
    • 15% tuition reduction on all graduate degree programs
    • Textbooks and course materials included
    • Waiver of application and per-term technology fees


    • Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission
    • FESHE recognized
    • IFSAC accredited


    • 100% online programs
    • Monthly start dates
    • Learn and study on your schedule
    • Three-week trial of classes with no financial obligation

    Transfer-Credit Friendly

    • Earn credit from your IAFF training, Pro Board fire certifications, NREMT certifications, prior learning and more
    • Earn credit for eligible work/life experience

    Take advantage of the many education benefits available to you and your immediate family members. Expand your knowledge and be better prepared for the challenges of your chosen career in the fire service and beyond.

    Visit the IAFF/Kaplan University website at IAFF.Kaplan.edu or call 866.583.6765 for details and to learn more about the terms and conditions of your benefits.

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